From Hero to Zero?

As much as I try to avoid the Brett Favre noise, I would be remiss if I didn’t at least post something surrounding the legendary quarterback. The 11-time Pro Bowler  and Super Bowl champion is the only QB in the history of the league to throw for over 70,000 yards and 500 TDs. He is also the oldest QB in the league and arguably, the most selfish.

While the public should focus on the the game and a players’ performance on the field, it’s hard to do so when a player causes so much commotion off the field, and is no longer performing at “hero” level. As such, he becomes open to scrutiny beyond the gridiron. No one begrudges someone to do something they love for as long as they can.  And most people are forgiving enough to overlook alcoholism and infidelity as long as their hero is doing well. But stop playing well and any mere mention of transgressions are exposed.

Although the recent hubbaloo surrounding his alleged text messages and personal conduct is ridiculous, it seems as though it wouldn’t be in this much of a spotlight if he hadn’t left the Jets high and dry, or if he was playing well, or if he was…..retired? Brett Favre was America’s QB and while some say he got a raw deal in Green Bay, his hemming and hawing about whether or not to play has now affected three teams. Some call it desire to play, some call it ego. But had he not made such a spectacle of himself professionally, would anyone care about him personally?

I said a few weeks ago that if the Vikings don’t do well, I have a feeling we will see Favre “retire” with an injury. news: Streak over? Favre says he’ll sit if throwing elbow too sore.
Sure it’s plausible that he genuinely can no longer play and confused his desire with ability, but it is also likely he is just an egomaniac who has run his course and is having trouble calling it a day. Although it was the teams’ choices, making three teams wheel and deal, wait for his decisions, and bend their training camp rules is no different than thinking he can naughtily text people and cheat on his wife and it will all be OK. (Yes she forgave him for it and it’s their business but most people forget his past.)

He is no longer America’s beloved QB. Neither his playing or potential off-field shenanigans are OK. His personal life is his own, and his family’s, but as a fan of football it’s sad to see a legend go out like this- both professionally and personally.  Many say he never should have come back this year, or the year before, or the year before that. I had no opinion but now, I almost feel embarrassed for the guy and the decisions he has made. For the sake of the Vikings, his family, his legend, his health, and whatever fans he has left, he should just bow out gracefully. Even blame it on an elbow if he has to.


2 thoughts on “From Hero to Zero?

  1. a few years ago my friends said we made a mistake letting favre go, and i disagreed. once favre quit we moved on. i is sad however that we cant add a player or two to help rodgers.

  2. Maybe he’s just too busy trying to get girls to sext him.

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