Saying something about having nothing to say…

… so I guess I finally decided to break my obvious silence since last season. I don’t even have a wedding as an excuse for lack of blogging activity. In fact, I have my love of the game to blame. After recently speaking with several friends who inquired as to whether or not I’d blog anytime soon, it seemed my reasoning for not blogging (“I’m so frustrated I have nothing to say”) was fodder for a suggested post.

Throughout the off season and CBA process, I swore my love of the game was so steadfast I was on the side of the players, thought the owners were being greedy, and just wanted everyone to reach an agreement so we could get on with a season. However, it seems that although the season has resumed, something (for me) is missing. Maybe it’s the fact that I’ve become disheartened with most of my team’s personnel choices, but I think my lack of enthusiasm comes from the fact that I feel as though we just saw millionaires fighting with billionaires and the only losers were the fans- people who the NFL says they care about most.

While some teams and players took the initiative to organize practices and team meetings independently, it appears as though messy preseason games, injuries, and questionable personnel decisions are chalked up to the CBA. I mean, what really has changed other than forcing what appears to be mandatory touchbacks? Roger Goodell still has way too much power, nothing effective was put into place to preserve player health (arbitrary fines don’t count), and everyone seems to have an excuse for poor performance.

And when “they” say that behind every pessimist is a disappointed optimist, I might have to agree. It’s fair to say my disenchantment with NFL football comes from idealistic expectations. While it’s a job for the players and front office staff, it’s an outlet for fans. For three hours each game, I am distracted, my mind is off the real world, I get lost in the game, and get wrapped up in the anticipation of what coach will do next. Now, I feel as though I watch and all I can think about is player salary, free agency, trades, injuries, whining, complaining, Roger Goodell, silly rules- anything but the actual game.

Maybe I myself am whining and using the CBA as an excuse. But in my defense, I am trying to get over it and get my head back in the game. I thought perhaps blogging about my frustrations might increase that possibility. For now, it doesn’t seem to have helped and I am still in my football funk. But, if nothing else, it seems as though having nothing to say is saying something after all…


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