About Little Miss Football

After many rants, outbursts, screaming expletives at the television, and arguments with friends, it was clear I needed an outlet for my NFL-related emotions. I never thought I’d be one to blog, for the sheer fact that I didn’t think anyone would want to hear what I had to say. And while that may still be the case, I have heard numerous times from numerous people,  “You really know your stuff.”

Naturally, this got me thinking. If I can hold my own during football conversations, and bring stats and facts to guys whose eyes gloss over, why can’t I review games and give my opinions? Maybe I can even educate some folks along the way, especially women. Since football still has a male-centric fan base, regardless of the Alyssa Milano items in the NFL Shop catalogs, one of my goals is to perhaps help the ladies learn a little about football too- ya know, woman to woman!

Granted, I am 5’2″, and female, so my actual experience with football, outside high school powder puff, is null. But just because I never played ball, doesn’t mean I too can’t wax philosophic on the topics some of the clowns (read as most ESPN talking heads and sports writers who get almost every prediction wrong) discuss every Sunday. Before you read any further, you must know I am a die-hard Giants fan.

When I say die-hard, let me explain. Since I was a little girl, I had posters of Phil Simms, Dave Meggett, and LT (the one and ONLY) on my walls at sleep away camp. I know about Tuffy Leemans, Y.A. Title, and the history of the Mara family. No one knows how I became a Giants fan since my Dad would root for the Jets and my brother would root for the Dolphins. Perhaps I wanted to avoid controversy? Regardless, I have not missed a game since college. I once quit a job because I didn’t want to miss a Giants/Eagles game, made my parents get NFL Sunday ticket, had my brother, niece and nephew fly down from NY to watch the 2007 Super Bowl, and was given the Tiffany & Co. collector’s addition SB champs bracelet as a gift. I have every piece of Giants clothing ever made (including my NFC Champs 1986 shirt), DVDs, books, memorabilia, and magnets, flags, and license plates on my car. Our dogs are also Giants fan which they proudly display on their collars and name tags.

But that’s not it. I recently married a Jets fan. I never had a problem with them until Rex Ryan (a whole other topic entirely) so our entire relationship “theme” is a “house divided”- even our welcome mat indicates as such. To take it further, we took our engagement photos in jerseys, had a wedding cake topper with a bride holding a football and a Giants helmet, only to be pulled by the groom towards a Jets helmet, had video clips of both teams on TV screens, and entered the ballroom to ESPN’s Monday Night Football theme. The obsession goes beyond that but hopefully you get the point.

Throughout the years of following the Giants, I always looked at and analyzed every team, play, call, and game through the eyes of how it would affect them. And although some would disagree, as I mature and appreciate the actual game, I have begun to look at the league from a more holistic view. As such, this blog is dedicated to all things NFL. Stay tuned and if you are a Giants fan, be sure to check out that page too!

The opinions and views expressed on this site are not the views of the NFL, except when directly quoted and stated as such. NFL teams’ names, logos and uniforms are registered trademarks of the teams indicated and all logos and trademarks belong to the NFL . This is an unofficial site which claims absolutely no rights to these trademarks.This site is strictly for informational and entertainment purposes, and is not affiliated in any way with the NFL and its teams.


2 thoughts on “About Little Miss Football

  1. Heh!I’ve noticed that homer side of bdosrcaaters too! It can be funny especially if they try to conceal a smile while picking their team.Also, I think the #1 pick of the Giants is not one that will hold up. They are a team that is slightly young and has playmakers but is not going to storm any Gridiron castle like the 2007 G-Men. I think they will be in the playoffs. However, they have to try their hand at playing well against other Good teams and winning convincingly over them before proving they are a Top 5 squad.

  2. LMF,
    Let’s just say that when we broadcast our show on Tuesday nights or air live the DC Rollergirls bouts… we all (Lou, Zo, and myself) are as partial as can be. We dont hide it and our fans dig us for that. It makes it even more fun that we all hate the others teams. But, we were in the same boat and sick of the “world wide leader” in general so we started our show a year and a half ago. Maybe during our nfl preview shows next year we’ll have to get you on the air or skyping in! Of course, we always like personalities if you wanted to give your opinion on something. Anyways, keep on doing what you do… Love it!

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