Change is Afoot for Week 6

Is it just me, or is there seemingly a lot of change going into this week? Randy Moss to Vikes, Big Ben returns, McCoy gets the start for the Browns, and so on. There are always injuries, trades, and changing of strategies that affects personnel but it seems as though there are more of them this year than I can recently remember. I wonder which change will have the biggest impact.

Randy Moss back to the Vikings, Deion Branch back to the Pats
As the NFL’s single season touchdown reception record holder (23), how could someone not want Randy Moss on their team? His antics have seemingly been stopped (recall the mooning episode, traffic and drug issues, to name a few) and he is still playing great ball. No one seems to answer the holy grail question: what happened to make the Pats trade Moss? Brady says he is tired of talking about it and Belichick hasn’t said much. Naturally. Although Deion Branch has returned, Brady has not had much time to rework the chemistry before facing the Ravens’ 3rd best defense in the league.

Colt McCoy to Start for the Browns
Let’s be honest, not much could hurt this team. So the question is, can the 3rd round, 85th overall draft pick help the Browns? He sure has an incentive to do so: According to McCoy’s contract, if he plays 35 percent of the snaps as a rookie, his fourth-year base salary more than doubles from approximately $500,000 to $1.15 million. With both Jakey and Seneca hurt, there is a possibility Colt will have a few starts. But if he plays well and lives up to the hype, will he keep the starting job?

Kolb vs. Vick
Speaking of who will get the start, it seems Andy Reid has come to his senses and decided to start Vick- if he was healthy. But, all this play time for Kolb gives him the experience he needs to become a valuable trade in the future, or the continued starter if Vick keeps playing the way he has been- His aggressive, physical, and atypical style is what makes him both a success and a liability. With so much potential uncertainty at the helm of this team, can they be the leader of the NFC East?

The Return of Big Ben
With debate out there as to whether or not Ben is a future hall of famer, he sure needs to come to come back taking charge. With a 3-1 start, the Steelers can only hope Roethlisberger keeps the momentum going, especially when they are last in the league for passing. With some waning support from fans as it is, for his off-field antics, if he does not come back and play better than ever, do you think he will lose his job? and more importantly, put the Steelers in jeopardy?