WEEK 4 PICKS: 2011-2012

Ouch. A little worse than last week with only 9 games predicted correctly. This week’s picks are:

Detroit at Dallas- Dallas
Carolina at Chicago- Bears
Buffalo at Cincinnati- Bills
Tennessee at Cleveland- Titans
Minnesota at Kansas City- Vikes
Washington at St. Louis- Skins
New Orleans at Jacksonville- Saints
Pittsburgh at Houston- Steelers
San Francisco at Philadelphia- Eagles
NY Giants at Arizona- NO PICK
Atlanta at Seattle- Falcons
Miami at San Diego- Chargers
New England at Oakland- Pats
Denver at Green Bay- Pack
NY Jets at Baltimore- Ravens
Indianapolis at Tampa Bay- Bucs


WEEK 3 PICKS: 2011-2012

Not bad, 10 picks correct last week! If I’m really honest, I should have known the Texans would win but living in S. Fl., I had to hope the Dolphins would pull one out against them. And, I guess I should I have known that the Pats would beat the Chargers at home.

Regardless, let’s see what I can predict in Week 3. Speaking of honesty, I have to admit I am terrified of the Giants/Eagles game. As much as the Giants want to win this one since they haven’t won the past 6 against the Eagles, and the Giants blew their lead and gave up a million points the last time they played each other, I am fearful that there are just too many GIANT injuries and too many Eagles circling for Giant blood for the Giants to even hold their own. As much as I will never officially make a pick regarding the Giants, I do at least hope they can stay in the game this weekend. On that note, this weeks picks are as follows:

Houston at New Orleans- Saints
NY Giants at Philadelphia- NO PICK
Jacksonville at Carolina- Jags (should be a good game- battle of the rookie QBs)
New England at Buffalo – Patriots
Miami at Cleveland- Miami
San Francisco at Cincinnati- Bengals
Denver at Tennessee- Titans
Detroit at Minnesota- Lions
Baltimore at St. Louis- Ravens
NY Jets at Oakland- Jets
Kansas City at San Diego- Chargers
Arizona at Seattle- Seahawks
Atlanta at Tampa Bay- Falcons
Green Bay at Chicago- Packers
Pittsburgh at Indianapolis- Steelers
Washington at Dallas- Cowboys (my game of the week)


WEEK 2 PICKS: 2011-2012

Same as last year, I don’t like to make predictions on the Giants games. And especially this year, when I’m not so sure I think they will win, I will refrain from making predictions about Big Blue. With that in mind, here are my predictions for  week 2:

Kansas City at Detroit- Lions
Oakland at Buffalo- Bills
Tampa Bay at Minnesota- Vikes
Chicago at New Orleans- Saints
Baltimore at Tennessee- Ravens
Cleveland at Indianapolis- Browns
Jacksonville at NY Jets- Jets
Seattle at Pittsburgh- Steelers
Arizona at Washington- Skins
Green Bay at Carolina- Pack
Dallas at San Francisco- Cowboys
San Diego at New England- Chargers
Houston at Miami- Dolphins
Cincinnati at Denver- Broncos
Philadelphia at Atlanta- Eagles
St. Louis at NY Giants- NO PICK

Week 14: Picks

Week 13 was a success with 13/16 correct predictions! This week’s picks are:

Colts, Bills, Steelers, Pack, Giants, Bucs, Falcons, Raiders, Seahawks, Saints, Jets, Cards, Chiefs, Pats, Eagles, Ravens

Games of the Week: Colts/Titans probably means the most as far as division games (Yes the Jets/Fish and Chiefs/Chargers play too) and a must win for the Colts but as far as excitement, the Eagles/Cowboys NFC East games always make for a good show as well as the Bears/Pats since both teams are doing well.

Week 8: Picks

We did a little better this past week than the previous one- 8 correct! Predictions this week are:

Lions, Cowboys, Dolphins, Chiefs, Rams, Broncos, Jets, Titans, Bucs, Patriots, Oakland, Steelers, Colts

Game of the week: Steelers vs. New Orleans. Some call the Steelers the best team in the NFL and the Saints are the defending World Champs but you wouldn’t know it by looking at last week’s game. Can they redeem themselves?

Week 7: Picks

Well, last week wasn’t so hot for our predictions. We only nailed 5 correctly. Here’s hoping for week 7:

Cincinnati at Atlanta (Atlanta)
Washington at Chicago (Redskins)
St. Louis at Tampa Bay (Rams)
San Francisco at Carolina (49ers)
Buffalo at Baltimore (Ravens)
Philadelphia at Tennessee (Eagles)
Jacksonville at Kansas City (Chiefs)
Pittsburgh at Miami (Steelers)
Cleveland at New Orleans (Saints)
Arizona at Seattle (Seahawks)
New England at San Diego (Pats)
Oakland at Denver (Broncos)
Minnesota at Green Bay (Green Bay)
New York Giants at Dallas

Notice I left the last game blank- I don’t want to jinx the winning streak of the Giants!

However, there are two games of the week:
Giants vs. Cowboys
Minnesota vs. Green Bay

Both are bitter rivals and in each game one of the teams is desperate to keep their season alive (Dallas and MN).

Week 6: Picks

Seattle at Chicago (Bears)
Miami at Green Bay (Dolphins, GB has just been getting by)
San Diego at St. Louis (Chargers)
Baltimore at New England (Ravens)
New Orleans at Tampa Bay (Bucs)
Detroit at NY Giants (Giants)
Atlanta at Philadelphia (Ravens, Vick is still out)
Cleveland at Pittsburgh     (Steelers, Big Ben is back)
Kansas City at Houston (Texans, both have  something to prove)
Oakland at San Francisco (Raiders)
NY Jets at Denver (Jets)
Dallas at Minnesota (Dallas, Favre might be out and even then it doesn’t look good)
Indianapolis at Washington (Colts, Peyton needs a W)

GAME OF THE WEEK: Dallas v. Minnesota